Future Footwear Foundation is an research organisation lead by Catherine Willems. Over the past decade she lived and learned the art of cobbling with indigenous people from Namibia to Finland. Through time the links with these communities stays strong. The invaluable wisdom mixed with modern technologies like 3D scanning, additive manufacturing and advanced materials brought us to this challenging project. Over the course of 1,5 year we developed ways to scan peoples feet and delivering them printed 100% personalised shoes.

What we didn’t realise in February 2020 is that we would have to invent new processes for traditional footwear systems. Technology, Material behaviour, Comfort, Sizing (grading), Production process, Logistics and yes also a totally new feel. Like one user noticed when she slipped her shoes on for the first time “Wow, those shoes feel peculiar”. 

At this moment 50 users are walking around telling us all about their experiences on these beauties. Oh, yes for the design I inspected thousands of images and a few articles of sea creatures. They taught me how to make a stiff printed material flexible by using particular shapes. I invite you to explore the pictures and see how I solved that one!