Converse #CreateAtHome


Converse asked me to reinterpret their iconic Chuck Taylor silhouette in my own way with the materials available at home to inspire other creators during Covid-19 confinement.

The main inspiration for this sustainable footwear creation came from a centuries old practice.

Before consumerism came along humans were quite inventive and creative, using and reusing materials for a range of different purposes. If a big sweater of dad was worn-out the good parts of the fabric were used to make a skirt for the cute daughter, etc. Just like wood becomes more beautiful with time and more valuable because it carries a story. I used a pair of white jeans that I’ve worn once to a dress-up party. With a minimum of destructive actions it becomes an upper for a Chuck Taylor silhouette.

I have been renovating my home & atelier for the past 2 years. Since my mind thinks in footwear terms, I am inspired by every building practice and material, and imagine ways to transfer those into footwear. I have been keeping ‘waste’ materials in the basement. The comfy sole are sponges that have been used during renovation and joints of tiles, wrapped around the sole in the same way as the foxing ribbons are. The iconic lines on the sole are surplus electrical wires, yes I have a box full of them.